Catch The Sun

by Shake Some Action!



"One of the best power pop records released in the past couple of years. This is a jangle pop record par excellence." - Tales From The Dropbox

"Another collection of top-drawer jangle-pop. Colors Exploding is just as groovy as its title implies, Wait for the Summer is the kind of 60s/70s power pop that Hall does best, and Moonlight Mind jangles so hard it would make Roger McGuinn jealous." - Absolute Powerpop

"The album of the summer has already arrived" - Done With Aplomb

"Seattle’s Shake Some Action will release its fifth, and arguably best, album, Catch the Sun, at the beginning of March. We predict you will be blown away by these great songs." - Pure Pop Radio

"Catch The Sun, the band’s fifth album, incorporates more toward hazy kaleidoscopic pop tones akin to those that Kevin Parker has so effectively mined with Tame Impala and Melody's Echo Chamber. When Hall’s voice wavers over a jangly guitar line during the verses “Wait for the Summer”, he crafts a tone that splits the difference between psychedelic bliss and ’60s surf melodies." - KEXP Seattle

"Like a really cool vintage suit, their jangly guitar sound’s got an old familiarity without being retro to a fault. Catch the Sun is the perfect album for jumping in a convertible, cruisin’ down the highway, and forgetting all your troubles." - The Owl Mag

"James Hall found a real groove with his last album Full Fathom Five, so this follow up isn’t far behind. Colors Exploding is another gem that evokes a sunny trip, and Wait For The Summer flows right into your head as perfect modern beach music, complete with surfer beat. There is no filler here and this album is sure to please fans of Oasis, The Hoodoo Gurus, and The Grip Weeds. Highly Recommended." Powerpopaholic

"Another brilliant winner!" - Kool Kat Musik

"Classic jangling guitar pop to chase away the winter blues" - When You Motor Away


released January 29, 2014

James Hall: vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards, drums
David Bos: lead guitar (tracks 2, 3, 7 & 12)

Produced by James Hall



all rights reserved


Shake Some Action! Seattle, Washington

“Shake Some Action! make sun-kissed Rickenbacker-rock that continues the tradition of the great power pop forbearers like the Kinks and Big Star, along with the jangle pop pioneers of the ‘80s like R.E.M. and the Feelies. Their sound takes their influences’ jangly past and brings it into a caffeinated now, with high energy records and performances.” Jingle Punks Magazine ... more

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Track Name: Colors Exploding
underneath the clouds and concrete
everything is grey and white
i can feel the temperature rising
like somebody turned on a light
colors exploding in my mind
a chemical reaction
goes on behind closed eyes
a physical attraction
I feel myself unwind
can you hear the voices in the wind?
is anybody listening?
Track Name: Wait For The Summer
slow crawl out of bed
there's a cold inside my head
catch the rain and all it brings
you're a lover, borrow cupid's wings
I'll wait for the summer
run straight to the water
don't ever surrender
just wait for the summer
every step you take
brings you closer to the love you make
catch the sun and all it brings
got to breathe in everything
don't try to understand
just let your feet touch the sand
Track Name: Between My Dreams
take me there in my sleep tonight
alone in the clouds i can almost taste a feeling
maybe i'll just float in the sky
maybe I'll just try to catch the breeze
she comes to me
in between my dreams
seeing things so differently
in between my dreams
travel at the speed of light
i know where i am but i don't know how i got here
maybe i've been left behind
maybe I need something to believe in
some things have to change
there's no reason why
come on back to a better place
where we don't have to try
Track Name: Fall Into The Sky
half awake and feeling upside down
my eyes went wide i felt like i might drown
in the black beneath me were the stars
i couldn't tell which one of them was Mars
fall into the sky
just when i get out, they pull me back again
i cant escape though I try now and then
behind blue eyes I'll see you in my dreams
where everything isn't what it seems
the only sound is the wind
as it pulls me back again
Track Name: Never Want To Lose Again
when the siren rang out loud
their heads fell down to the ground
we stared in disbelief
the end brought no relief
we never want to lose again
from 22 we won 21
odds on to go number one
we can never right the wrong
and it burns so long
Track Name: Come And Get It
so hold on tight
where am I gonna sleep tonight?
its getting late
you can make your mind up while i wait
you can come and get it
any time you want it
so let me breathe
or are you trying to suffocate me?
don’t ask me why
you want to hold my fingers to the fire
Track Name: Wings
who breaks a butterfly
on a wheel of ice
when this could be the day
the demons melt away
and i know our love will never die
we don't need no wings to fly
don't let the sun set tonight
it might not be back for awhile
you don't have to feel
to know that this real
but if you cant believe
you can throw away my key
Track Name: Moonlight Mind
waiting for the doctor
in east berlin
white coats rush by
looking for the next of kin
got a moonlight mind
in broad daylight
where the sun don't shine
there’s a moonlight mind
5 o'clock shadow
6 o'clock swill
looking for adventure
in a personality pill
Track Name: You Don't Know What It Means
forces of darkness
and forces of light
your paranoia sees
only black or white
you don't know what it means
conspiracy theory
where only you decide
fill up the vacuum
its the dismal tide
you're so confused
and you're wasting our time
you should know truth can be
stranger than lies
Track Name: Sketches Of Spain
she opened my eyes
through my disguise
and said I got to give it a chance
went straight to my bed
and straight to my head
she didn't want to make any plans
then i woke up one day
and you'd gone away
but you left me with your sketches of spain
i woke up one day
and you'd gone away
but you left me with your sketches of spain
she left me for dead
never a word was said
i felt like i was back to black
but i listened to miles
and after awhile
I said that I would never look back
Track Name: Underground
dig a little deeper
under the stairs
there's a box in the darkness
but nobody cares
the rumble of the subway
in the morning air
the cracks in the pavement
that yesterday weren't there
going underground
picking up pieces
all over town
what goes up
went straight down
where the truth will go
i'll find my own way home
dig a little deeper
down to the sea
look in any mirror
what you see is me
Track Name: Escape
put the top down
let the wind blow on my face
open highway
swallows up the sun at the end of the day
took a u turn
opened up my eyes
we packed our bags
jumped into the car left the city lights behind
fly into the night
till the stars are falling from the sky
till your tears run dry
dream through the break of day
till the clouds roll away
till we escape
turn the lights down
hear the voices calling
got to push on
when it feels like I'm falling
some people say you can run but you can't hide
but I know the answer has been with me all of the time