Shake Some Action! (10th Anniversary deluxe reissue)

by Shake Some Action!



This deluxe edition features an additional 8 bonus tracks.

"The year has just begun, and already the first knockout by an unknown band from out of left field has arrived." - the Daily Breeze

"A very impressive debut. . . when pop songcraft was less “American Idol” and more “Paperback Writer.” - the Rock and Roll Report

"a remarkably well-crafted set of jangly power pop packed with rich harmonies and indelible hooks reminiscent of Hoodoo Gurus, the La’s and other pop greats." -KEXP 90.3 FM

"a perfect hybrid of jangled-up pop delight that brings to mind not only the Groovies, but mid/late 80`s jangle faves like The La`s, Gigolo Aunts, The Mighty Lemon Drops, Robyn Hitchcock & The Egyptians and Matthew Sweet. . . Extremely Highly Recommended!!!"- Bruce Brodeen, Not Lame

"these guys are special" - Powerpopaholic


released January 1, 2007



all rights reserved


Shake Some Action! Seattle, Washington

“Shake Some Action! make sun-kissed Rickenbacker-rock that continues the tradition of the great power pop forbearers like the Kinks and Big Star, along with the jangle pop pioneers of the ‘80s like R.E.M. and the Feelies. Their sound takes their influences’ jangly past and brings it into a caffeinated now, with high energy records and performances.” Jingle Punks Magazine ... more

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Track Name: Sound Of Your Mind
private people listen to what you know
paranoid secrets running to and fro
she talks in a rhyme
and you say "what you mean?"
some people take time
listen to the sound of your mind
chase the white noise
through your damaged head
block your ears now the line is dead
we're all dead men running
Track Name: Complicated
do you remember how it used to be?
never regret missed opportunities
i should have quit while i was ahead
cos now you're gone and I'm alone instead
how did it get so complicated?
yesterday was so easy
how did it get so complicated?
good times, we had them way back when
but in hindsight things were much simpler then
get what you want
is it ever what you find or just something you hide behind?
get what you need
is it ever yours to break or just another big mistake?
i wanna fly to an island in the sun
to understand just how we came undone
Track Name: I Can See Where This Is Going Now
I can see where this is going now
and I can't sit back anymore
i can see where this is going now
going to pick myself off the floor
i can see where this is going now
how you set your trap with a web of lies
well you told me one thing and did another
you're not my sister or my brother
well I trusted you but you ambushed me
and it's all too late to sympathise
got a feeling inside there's a storm coming down today
but I feel so alive going to reach for the sky anyway
i can see where this is going now
and I feel so betrayed
i can see where this is going now
don't believe what you say
i can see where this is going now
going to spread my wings and away I'll fly
Track Name: Orange Peel
woke up one sunny day
stepped out and blew her boy away
drove out onto the highway
she's smiling now she's miles away
and she says I'll be your orange peel if you don't take me until sunset
I'll be your orange peel if you don't use me till tomorrow
dark visions flood her mind
even when she's sleeping
time catches up with her
the skeletons are creeping
now she has someone new
once more the sun is shining
her old life now forgotten
and while she sleeps she's smiling
Track Name: Damaged
you can't resist anything with a twist
even if its all in a daydream
i'm trying to connect with the parts you infect
i need to get you out of my bloodstream
i tried to leave but you followed me
that's not the way its supposed to be
i tried to leave but you followed me again
i've been wondering how you got so damaged
you try to hid it but deep down you know you're damaged
i can see through you
i thought i knew you
i'm on the outside looking in
i thought you'd get it
you'll never get it
this conversation is wearing thin
scaring me more every day
i'm terrified in every way
now you tracked me down again
where will it end?
you bring my dark side into the sunshine
i spend my time trying to get away
but then you cling to me like you're in ecstacy
you hang on every word i say
Track Name: Without You
i didn't want you to try
i was so cruel to be kind
you said to give it some time
but I think I've had enough
I never told you to lie
you put your name on the line
you said to your place or mine?
but I think I've had enough
i don't know what to say cos you're going to do it anyway
i don't know what to do but i'm going to do it without you
i bought a ticket to ride
but I never told you goodbye
you said the stars were aligned
but I think I've had enough.
Track Name: Not Even Close
you say its all too much
now you seem to have lost your touch
and I never see you around
now you're driving me up and down
you think you know how it goes you're not even close
its right under your nose you're not even close
its on the tip of my tongue
i tried to tell you but I got stung
and you need to look around
maybe check the lost and found
you wish you had the nerve
all you get is what you deserve
and when you fall to the ground
you never even make a sound
Track Name: Couldn't Help Yourself
she told me one more time only one more time and I'll say goodnight
I couldn't be more confused so I blow a fuse, make me feel alright
she made me sympathise so I close my eyes when I say goodnight
I carry all your abuse so I sing the blues in the warm sunlight
you couldn't help yourself
she didn't want me to fly shot me down from the sky in the dead of night
i didn't see the clues but I'll turn the screws when the time is right
she doesn't understand why I can't get by when I feel contrite
I didn't win or lose but I've been misused for a long long time
Track Name: You've Got It Made
you've been sitting inside dreaming through your window
watching the world roll by shedding tears on a pillow
you failed to compromise with a look inside your eyes
you've been feeling so afraid don't you know you've got it made
there's a crack inside your door but its as tight as a drum
you're a rich man who is poor did you have to be so dumb?
you've been packing up your life flying through the clouds
cut your pain with a knife as you shouted it out loud
Track Name: Wasting Time
you're a box of secrets and no-one has the key
i'm a jigsaw puzzle and you're the missing piece
how do you remember what was taken in your sleep
supposed to be forever and so you play for keeps
if you ever look me in the eye
i will lie awake all through the night just wasting time
you're the hardest question in the easiest game
you're a contradiction by another name
you can talk the talk but you can't walk the walk
you're so complicated but to you I'll always sway
you're a fascination forever and a day
Track Name: Someone Else's Friend
you looked the other way
we ran out of things to say
i told you all my fears now its ending in tears
we never will get home again
you're someone else's friend
you came out Friday night
we couldn't help but fight
I turned my head to cry
still I ask myself why?
now we're together alone
but we can't get back home
i woke up feeling cold
but you're as good as gold
Track Name: What You Want Me To Do
you think you know what you're doing
i know you've got something brewing
but I don't want to say goodnight to you
its what you want me to do
you don't think your duplicity's showing
I feel my frustration growing
i'm hurt by those things you're saying
I'm tired of the games that you're playing.