you can't resist anything with a twist
even if its all in a daydream
i'm trying to connect with the parts you infect
i need to get you out of my bloodstream
i tried to leave but you followed me
that's not the way its supposed to be
i tried to leave but you followed me again
i've been wondering how you got so damaged
you try to hid it but deep down you know you're damaged
i can see through you
i thought i knew you
i'm on the outside looking in
i thought you'd get it
you'll never get it
this conversation is wearing thin
scaring me more every day
i'm terrified in every way
now you tracked me down again
where will it end?
you bring my dark side into the sunshine
i spend my time trying to get away
but then you cling to me like you're in ecstacy
you hang on every word i say




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Shake Some Action! Seattle, Washington

“Shake Some Action! make sun-kissed Rickenbacker-rock that continues the tradition of the great power pop forbearers like the Kinks and Big Star, along with the jangle pop pioneers of the ‘80s like R.E.M. and the Feelies. Their sound takes their influences’ jangly past and brings it into a caffeinated now, with high energy records and performances.” Jingle Punks Magazine ... more

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