you're a box of secrets and no-one has the key
i'm a jigsaw puzzle and you're the missing piece
how do you remember what was taken in your sleep
supposed to be forever and so you play for keeps
if you ever look me in the eye
i will lie awake all through the night just wasting time
you're the hardest question in the easiest game
you're a contradiction by another name
you can talk the talk but you can't walk the walk
you're so complicated but to you I'll always sway
you're a fascination forever and a day




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Shake Some Action! Seattle, Washington

“Shake Some Action! make sun-kissed Rickenbacker-rock that continues the tradition of the great power pop forbearers like the Kinks and Big Star, along with the jangle pop pioneers of the ‘80s like R.E.M. and the Feelies. Their sound takes their influences’ jangly past and brings it into a caffeinated now, with high energy records and performances.” Jingle Punks Magazine ... more

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